Save the Planet and Make Dough!

Who knew! There are many ways to make money by recycling… every month we will show you how to cash in on being green.

Newspaper Recycling

If you are strapped for extra cash or you if don’t have a job at the moment you can recycle, save the planet and fatten your wallet.

It’s possible to make between $200 – $1,000 a month recycling newspaper but you will need to be organized, set aside time to do it and spend a little to make a lot.

Investment: Purchase  recycled or used cardboard boxes from a moving company, business or local hardware store or online – sells recycled boxes.

Storage: It is important that you have a storage space set aside for the boxes of newspapers because you recycle by weight. You will need a truck or SUV to transport the newspapers.

Promote: Spread the word that you are collecting unwanted newspapers, tell your neighbors, local business, friends and as many people as possible. Post it on your local community blog, community newspaper, classified ads on craigslist in your area.

Cash In: Contact the newspaper recycling centers in your area, compare rates and then decide which is most logical for travel versus cash reward. Figure out your return on investment and  rate per lb (the average is $2 per lb)

Tally: Monitor your sales and  time.

According to Recycling Revolution, 500,000 trees are cut down to produce the Sunday newspaper – one day equates to the destruction of so many trees. A ton (2,000 lbs) of recycled newspaper can save 17 trees.


Recycling – Who me?


It’s okay I won’t tell anyone  you do not recycle.

If you are new to the recycling world don’t fret because we can ride the recycle wagon together. If you are veteran, well there is always something new to learn about being green. I encourage you to comment, subscribe and contribute your green expertise whenever you feel compelled.

My name is Kate G. and I started recycling a year ago. I always knew it was important to recycle but never caught the bug.

I was so excited about the endless recycling opportunities, energy conservation guides, and ways to save money and gain tax rebates by being eco-conscious that I decided to write a blog about recycling, precycling and being globally responsible. Yes, I know it is not an original concept but I am so passionate about the environment that I am inspired to share.:)

There are many quirky stories of people all over the world that join the green movement every day. I will share those stories with you.

Precycling Tip of the Day:

Don’t recycle unnecessarily – precycle to reduce waste.

Instead of recycling a plastic water bottle why not buy a glass bottle instead. Hosting a holiday party this season, try to avoid using paper or worse Styrofoam plates and cups. I know you might say, who is going to help me wash all the ceramic dishes and glassware? Not sure, maybe your Aunt Frannie.

Did you know? Recycling requires a ton of energy to melt or break down and to re-manufacture the new items it creates pollutants in the air.

Have a happy green day!

Kate G

Information Source:, wikipedia, national recycling coalition.