Himalayan Salts Light Up Your Life in a Healthful Way

A health trend is rapidly developing around the use and benefit of Himalayan Salt.  For years, many European countries have promoted health and rejuvenation by using hot salt springs and salt mines. Salt mines, often spa-like in appearance, provide a restful place for individuals to rest.  As they relax the dry, negative ion environment of the salt mine improves their mood and promotes an overall calm.

There are salt mines in many places:  Himalayas, Austria, and Germany.  Salt mines have such a tremendous reputation that German companies will often reward overworked employees by sending them to a salt mine for rejuvenation.

Gourmet Himalayan Salt Cooking and Serving TilesNot everyone can travel to Asia or Europe to take advantage of the rejuvenating benefits of salt mines.  You can, however, have the same rejuvenating, calming effects right in your own home as you breathe salt-treated air, cook with salt tiles and bathe in Himalayan salt crystals.

What makes Himalayan salt different from table salt?

Salt is essential for life and we all know that you cannot live without it.  For our bodies to  function properly we need to give them the right kind of nutrients.

If you were to look at a periodic table of elements you would see many elements on that table that the human body needs for proper function.  Not surprisingly, 84 of those essential elements can be found in Himalayan salt.

Himalayan Bath Salt Crystals contain magnesium, potassium, bromide, and calcium that is readily absorbed into the skin. The Himalayan salts are naturally harvested from mineral-rich ocean waters that dried and crystallized 250 million years ago.  Many health benefits result from the use of Himalayan salt.

Ordinary table salt is approximately 97% to 99% sodium chloride and the remaining 3%  to 1% is composed of chemicals such as moisture absorbents, and iodine.  Salt used on your “table” has been heavily processed, chemically cleaned and then dried at temperatures exceeding 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit; the extreme heat alters the chemical structure of the salt.  Table salts are generally depleted of minerals that your body needs and the additives can be harmful when ingested.

Himalayan salts help

  1. regulate water content throughout your body and can assist in regulating blood pressure.
  2. support respiratory and sinus health.
  3. promote bone and nail strength by restoring a healthy calcium balance and increase vascular health.
  4. cure ear infections, lessens acne when used as a face wash, helps prevent bleeding gums and foot fungus.
  5. detoxify your body.  Himalayan salts help with the absorption of food particles through your intestinal tract and the elimination of heavy metals (lead, arsenic, mercury and calcium) in the body.  The salt can break down and dissolve the molecular structure of heavy metals.
  6. minerals easily penetrate your skin and promote a healthy pH balance in your cells (especially brain cells).
  7. reduce signs of aging and regulate your sleep.
  8. prevent muscle cramps.
  9. have a positive effect on your nervous system.
  10. support a natural, healthy libido.

Uses for Himalayan Salt

  1. Himalayan Salt Daily Detox Face ScrubHimalayan salt mixed with organic jojoba beads, calcium bentonite clay from the Death Valley combine together for this detoxifying face scrub leaving your skin re-mineralized, glowing and healthy.
  2. Prevent motion sickness by placing a small pouch of the energy balancing salt around your neck.
  3. Massage a concentrated brine solution (sole) onto your head and neck for a headache.  In the event of a severe headache use a cold compress.
  4.  Asthma sinusitis and bronchitis can be treated with brine inhalation therapy.  Pollutants are expelled by coughing.
  5. Himalayan salts can be used for rheumatism, joint ailments and bites/wounds of insects.
  6. When mixed with essential oils the salts are great for aromatherapy.
  7.  Himalayan salts, used in a bath,  reduce inflammation of the muscles and joints (similar to Epsom salts).  The bromides in the salt relax muscles while relieving pain and soreness. Individuals who experience recurring infections have been known to turn their health around with regular salt bathing treatments.

Globe Shaped Salt Lamp | Reduce Indoor Air PollutionUse a Salt Lamp for Calm, Mood Lighting and Indoor Air Pollution Reduction

Using a salt lamp can help reduce indoor air pollutants.

What indoor pollutants, you ask?

The electromagnetic frequency waves created by the popular use of large HD televisions, cell phones, PDAs and computer monitors routinely bombard our bodies with “indoor energy” or “electro-smog.”

Whether you call the indoor bombarding electromagnetic frequencies “electro-smog” or “electric air pollution,” these invisible frequencies create serious air pollution right in your home.  When watching TV, the frequencies emitted may subject your body to frequency vibrations twenty times higher and faster than your own brain waves. You may experience side effects from the electro-smog such as sleep interruptions, lapses in concentration, nervousness among others.

Beautiful, soothing salt lamps help to counteract the harmful electromagnetic frequencies by cleansing the air and increasing the number of negative ions released.  The negative ions that are released combine with excessive positive ions having a neutralizing effect.

Enhance serenity and ambiance of selective rooms (or multiple rooms) with the strikingly attractive Himalayan salt lamps.

Whether you are bathing, cooking, scrubbing or just plain breathing,
get a pure and organic Himalayan salt that you can trust.