Mobile Waste – What should I do with my old cell phone?

by Katy Green

You may already know where to send your cell phone instead of dumping into a landfill.

Follow these simple steps and you will make a positive difference in the planet and help someone in need.

Note: Be careful of the cell phone for cash websites. Check for their affliliations, BBB or the Green Label. Don’t recycle your identity. Get rid of all personal information before donating or cashing in your mobile.

Cell Phone Fact: Cell phones make up 65,000 tons of toxic waste each year!

  1. Phone 4 cash – . Enter in the manufacturer number on the back of your phone and they will give you a cash estimate and a free shipping label to print out. They support NACDV.
  2. Cycle  Cell  –  Call2Recycle to recycle your cell phone and batteries. Use their search for drop off locations.
  3. Retailers Recycle Cells! – Best Buy,  Office Depot  and Staples (requires more searching) offer a free recycling cell service. Use their drop off locater.
  4. Check with your cell phone provider AT&T, Verizon, Sprint , etc. all offer recycling programs. Most will direct you to go to their store or download their postage paid mailing label. Also check with your cell phone manufacturer.
  5. Cell Phones for Troops Cell Phones for Soldiers they claim their a 501c3 and they have a ton of sponsors but read their FAQ’s.  They offer an online search box for drop off centers  in your area and you can send your cell phone free of charge.
  6. Senior Citizen Rescue – seniors use recycled cell phones to call 911 for emergencies.  Cell Phones for Life  is a great resource.  Phones 4 Life is no longer valid. You will have to pay for shipping but if you live in DC you can drop it off in person.
  7. Disabled AssistancePhones 4 Charity is another resource. They offer a list of drop of centers and affiliated charities  in every state via search.
  8. Donate a Phone – make a difference for someone in need. NACDV – National Coalition Against Domestic Violence . They make it easy to donate your phone and they offer free shipping!

If you are still undecided about recycling your cell phone you may be swayed if you support wild life preservation because you could help save life of a gorilla in the congo by recycling your mobile.

Yes, it’s true! I am not crazy. Check out  the one minute YouTube video from the Wild Life Society.