ShoptobeGreen.com is a small green products eboutique that was born out of owner Mistie’s love of organic, natural and sustainable products that promotes a healthy lifestyle for you and the planet. She looks for only the best green products, made out of high quality materials that are creatively made. Mistie whittles out the green wash products so that you don’t have to. As a Fine Arts major, high-end design and beauty are just as important to her as how and what products are made of. She is always searching for new and unique green products. Mistie’s commitment is to,”look for products that I want to bring into my own home. This blog allows Shop to be Green an opportunity to inform its readers and customers on the latest green news, products and developments.”

Mistie – Blog & ShoptobeGreen.com Owner

Contributing Writer:

Name:   Rhonda Robbins
Location:   Phoenix, Arizona
Social Media:

Author, writer, photographer and Life Coach, Rhonda Robbins, born in New Mexico, currently resides in Arizona, where she enjoys writing for various topics including:  eco-friendly awareness, health, well-being and lifestyle.  Rhonda is enthusiastically committed to providing high-level contribution to others and the world, always wishing to leave readers with more awareness and thought-provoking ideas than they had before interacting with her writing.


If you know of any great products that we should feature or carry please let us know at info [at] shoptobegreen.com


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