A Word From Mistie

Dear Greenistas,Mistie, Owner ShoptobeGreen

We are adding a new section to our blog, A Word From Mistie. On this page you will find updates, articles and features straight from me. I am going to start taking you along with me as I discover new products, designers and inspiration for ShoptobeGreen. Someone recently brought to my attention that my process and the adventures I take to find great new eco-friendly products are of interest to all of my readers and customers. I agree. And I look forward to sharing it with you and hope that you we all share your thoughts and ideas with me in return.

I know that a lot has happened and I have grown tremendously in this past year alone. When I reflect on the past 12 months there are a few highlights that really stand out in my mind:

If you have a product you would like me to feature, carry or try please contact me at info (at) shoptobegreen.com

You can also contact me at the above address with any story ideas or suggestions of events that ShoptobeGreen should participate in.

Thank you being on this journey with me and for all your support. I look forward to the New Year and all that it has in store for us all!

Mistie, Owner and Editor of ShoptobeGreen


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